This site is Paul Sellers’ woodworking blog and acts as a platform for his online voice. You will find links to the ventures he is involved with, and hopefully, you can learn something from some of the posts. Woodworking is Paul’s passion, and he considers himself to be a lifestyle woodworker. Before you go further, read Paul’s disclaimer so that you know more about his biases and you will know what to believe 🙂

Moving My Stuff

I rarely like other people to pick up or move my wood. We woodworkers are like packrats when it comes to what wood we have and it’s surprising where we acquire it from or how, what we actually have with regards to wood types and sizes and so on. In the USA, with a family […]

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Finding and Buying the Scarcities and Rarities

eBay has given us inroads into discovering tools that at one time only came via tool dealers and antique markets. Many tool dealers in the 1970s and 80s advertised in local newspapers for tools to buy and then sell on; they bought chests filled with tools, picked the best from the rest and parcelled them […]

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Applying Shellac to My Shelf

I didn’t recall the finish I applied so I found out and it’s not shellac. It’s a varnish from the pre water-borne finishes era as nothing seems to touch it. Varnish was very much the standard in the mid section of that century. The oak had planed out well with such minimal tearout I could […]

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I’ve Got Room to Work Again!

Notes from my Journal May14 2018   It’s Monday evening. I just finished making the wall shelf from my teen years. It was an amazing feeling to relive something so pivotal from 55 years ago. My hands are strong now—a hundred times stronger than back in ’63—and with only lean sinew and pure muscle with […]

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The Stanley #78 Scrub Plane? What?

Here’s something I personally think is well worth shouting about. I’ve never seen anyone else do it as it’s one I thought up more for as another poor man’s woodworking tool. It’s a scrub plane made from an adapted #78 rebate or rabbet plane. Using the term ‘scrub’ mis describes it. It doesn’t at all […]

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Vocational Callings

Who say’s that any more anyway? No one, I suppose, but it had depth. It had meaning. It had future and it had hope. It mattered. And guess what? It still has all of these things and it still matters whether we use the term or not! What is your vocational calling and I don’t […]

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